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14-Dec-2017 16:53

When it comes to initial online dating preferences in America, multiracial individuals, in particular multiracial Asian Americans, have moved to the top of the racial hierarchy of dating preference patterns.

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Desirable but not smart: Preference for smarter romantic partners impairs women’s STEM outcomes. [Download Article]Vacharkulksemsuk, V., Reit, E., Khambatta, P., Eastwick, P.

Office: Young Hall 102FEmail: [email protected] Vitae Paul Eastwick’s research investigates how people initiate romantic relationships and the psychological mechanisms that help romantic partners to remain committed and attached.

One of his research programs examines how the qualities that people say are critically important to them in a romantic partner—their ideal partner preferences—direct romantic partner selection and retention. Replicability and other features of a high-quality science: Toward a balanced and empirical approach.

We chatted with the queen bee herself to find out more about what inspires her to create safe, fun spaces for women online. Whitney Wolfe: The lives we touch by connecting millions of people every day — something as simple as helping someone find a recommendation in a new city they’re traveling to, or even as life changing as finding their soulmate.

Bumble connects people on such a tremendous scale that our team strives to work hard every day to see that those connections happen better, faster, safer, and more efficiently than the day before.Related: The New America: Study Examines Modern Multiracial Identies “One potential explanation of these preferences is that contemporary media promotes certain mixed-race appearances as chic, fashionable, or post-racial,” suggested Lin, “while simultaneously portrays mono-racial Asians as being passive, sly, effeminate, and nerdy.” Researchers did not have enough data to study reactions to multiracial Asian Americans who were also Hispanic or also African American.

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