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20-Sep-2017 08:22

Lindsay Lohan was seen carrying a leather-bound copy of the Koran on her first day of community service - prompting speculation that she'd converted to Islam. Despite reading the Muslim text, she is apparently not "fully converting" to Islam.

A spokesperson for Lohan told They added that Lohan had upcoming projects in the Middle East and was keen to learn the language."She also spent some time in Dubai earlier this year and became interested in their way of life," the spokesperson said.

The magazine editors said they 'wanted to re-introduce to the world Ms.

Lindsay Lohan [...] as she starts a new chapter in her career as a business entrepreneur.

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Lohan was once considered one of the top talents in the business thanks to roles in The Parent Trap and Herbie. But it was this sports luxe look that really caught our attention. Her sweater is from the Vetements x Champion collection and it brings together our favourite elements of both brands.

The Mean Girls actress wore several different outfits for the individual and edgy shoot which was done in Milan this year.

In another shot with the same outfit the Mean Girls scene where they perform Jingle Bell Rock can be seen playing in the background.

I've been blessed and lucky enough to have been given a gift to share with other people.'She was seen wearing the red string bracelet of Kabbalah, and High-profile converts to Islam include Cat Stevens, Jemima Goldsmith and Mike Tyson.

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Lohan has had a difficult few years involving spells in jail and rehab and a well-documented struggle with alcohol.She plans to act and co-direct or direct'For the last year, the West End thespian has been teasing her involvement with a tell-all memoir, The Anti-Social Network prank show pilot, and even a '#Lohan Jewelry' line.